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Investment perspective from the best

Access the highest quality investment perspectives and information, directly from the world's top professional investors.

  • Connect with over 4000 financial firms managing $5 trillion in assets
  • Access more than 65,000 investment ideas, white papers, investor letters, and market updates while sharing your own perspective with friends and followers.
  • Compliantly share investment expertise, and discover financial products and services.
Transparent social trading

Effortlessly manage your own simulated Long/Short portfolio while tracking other ideas from top investors in your watchlist.

  • Trade stocks in real-time

    Trade stocks on the Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX in real-time with $1,000,000 in virtual money.
  • Invest directly with other traders

    ‘Co-invest’ in trades made by other investors to share in their gains and losses.
  • Track investor performance

    Track other investor's ideas by adding them to your watchlist to see precisely how they perform.
Harvest for Professionals

Bring your investment world together with a range of compliant products
that let you publish market thoughts, grow your book, and privately communicate with existing clients.


Jay Leopold
Head of U.S. Investment Risk
Columbia Threadneedle Investments

"I have been a big believer in Harvest since being first introduced to the concept last Spring. As a user, contributor, and investor, I see the potential power of the democratization of investment ideas as boundless."

Ben Hunt
Chief Risk Officer
Salient Partners

"The best description I’ve come up with for Harvest is that it’s like an always-on Idea Dinner … curated posts from professional investors distributed to other professional investors and allocators. Their system is very compliance-aware, so that nothing can be posted without affirmative confirmation from a designated compliance officer, and I’ve been impressed with the quality of the subscribers and commentary."

Tobias Carlisle
Managing Director
Eyquem Investment Management

"Harvest has been a great platform to be involved with. As an emerging manager, it's helped me get additional exposure and connected to investors outside of my network. Participation in the Harvest Interview Series has been tremendous in helping me build my brand, reaching a wider investor audience and showcasing my expertise in value investing."
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